Yoga Therapy

Yoga philosophy reminds us of our inherent perfection. The creativity of yoga therapy provides us a healing path to reunite with this wholeness and honor our uniqueness, while affirming and honoring our individualities. 

Cat offers nurturing, creative support and will always uphold your best self.  Her intention is to empower you as an active participant in your self-care.


Cat is certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), which is built on competency-based educational standards and a rigorous accreditation process for training programs. C-IAYTs agree to follow a defined scope of practice and a code of professional ethics. Learn more here.


What can yoga therapy do for you?

The multi-layered tools of yoga therapy can address a variety of needs, and are tailored the each individual’s goals and challenges. Some of the things that this modality can provide support for include

  • pain management and functional movement

  • fatigue

  • insomnia and dysfunctional sleep

  • anxiety and stress management

  • depression

  • grief and loss

  • trauma

  • life transitions

How can you access these tools?

Through private yoga therapy sessions, Cat will help you to develop a practice that is safe and empowering.  Each session is unique, will focus on your specific, personal needs, and will seek ways in which you can best accomplish your physical, emotional and mental health goals.

A yoga therapy session will always incorporate breath, movement and meditation (through a variety of different practices).  This triage of support can help to facilitate exploration of emotional and mental challenge in a confidential, safe environment.  Your session you will also include a home practice or regime, uniquely oriented to support your healing process.