Public Workshops

Cat offers regular public workshops at 3 OMS Yoga. Below are descriptions of some of her offerings; please check the schedule for current workshops and to register. Interested in hosting Cat at your studio or event? Get in touch!


Yoga for the Blues

Whether your depression is anxiety-based or more melancholy, yoga can bring relief. Asana, pranayama and meditation can be tuned to meet any variation of depression. Simply standing up on your feet in Mountain Pose can help regain positivity and confidence. A restorative practice can counter agitation and the fight-flight-freeze response. Depression affects your whole being-mind, body and soul, so this workshop will use the rich and varied tools of yoga to address your whole self. These tools include postures, breath work, meditation, visualization and affirmations. All of these are techniques you can take with you to help any time you encounter the blues.


Yoga for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common challenges of our modern culture. Stress contributes to the most frequent forms of serious illness, such as heart disease and cancer. Don't worry! The ancient wisdom of yoga is here to help! Because anxiety affects mind, body and spirit, yoga offers a variety of tools to address the whole being. Yoga postures help relax muscles and build confidence. Breath techniques soothe the nervous system, decrease heart rate and improve digestion. Meditation calms the mind and can help redirect it from stressful thoughts. These tools are woven together in this afternoon workshop, giving participants simple, practical techniques to recognize and reduce anxiety.


Hip Opening

Deepen and enrich your practice by exploring the complexity of your hips. Through asana, pranayama and meditation we will attend to the pelvis and hips and the hidden gifts therein. You may find relief for back pain, improved circulation in your legs, and even improve the way you run and walk. This practice can also release stress and negative emotional memories, which may be stored in your hips on an energetic level (Svadisthana and Muladhara Chakras).


Partner Yoga

Relax, rejuvenate, open, connect...

In this gentle, all-levels workshop we will explore as partners through the practices of yogasana, pranayama and mindfulness. No yoga experience is necessary, just bring an open heart


Spring Cleanse

The yogic practices of asana and pranayama are cleansing on many levels. Spring Equinox is a wonderful time to release any remaining winter debris in your body and mind and open to greater freedom. This all-levels workshop is an opportunity to deeply release the tension that accumulates in the major joints-the hips and shoulders-as well as a time to let go of mental and emotional habits that can hold us back from enjoying life.