Individual Sessions

Private, customized sessions are the foundation of this therapeutic work. You may need just one or two sessions to address a very specific goal in your practice, or you may find that an ongoing relationship is the best way to meet and support your intentions. Prior to your first session, you’ll fill out intake paperwork which provides you time and space to reflect on and express your needs. From there, sessions will incorporate a combination of

  • an assessment and evaluation of physical symptoms

  • conversation to explore mental and emotional aspects of symptoms

  • breath work (Pranayama)

  • yoga postures (Asana)

  • mindfulness practices (meditation)

  • inquiry via visualization and right-brain activities

  • application of yogic and Buddhist philosophy as appropriate

  • relaxation (Savasana) to incorporate practice deeply

  • development of a healing home practice, which could include mantra, affirmations and chanting as well as meditation, breath work and postures


All sessions are held at 3 OMS Yoga in downtown Bellingham, WA. This facility has everything needed for our sessions, including yoga mats, props, changing areas, and quiet, private space to work together.


60 minute session | $70

90 minute session | $100

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